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How Craftsmanship Drives Long-Term App Development Success

Many apps achieve initial success but struggle to stay relevant over time. Why is that? This article explores why prioritizing craftsmanship in your app development from the beginning, like our clients, is key to building an app that endures.

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In a world where automation and mass production reign supreme, a fading practice remains essential: craftsmanship.

This dedication to quality, mastery in expertise, and an exceptional eye for details creates the fine line between ordinary and extraordinary.

It’s a philosophy equally relevant in the digital age, where off-the-shelf app solutions and low-code/no-code app builders offer convenience but often lack the soul and functionality of custom-built applications. 

In app development, craftsmanship promises a superior user experience and functionality.

Snappymob champions this approach to app development, believing that the human touch can elevate digital creation to a whole new level. And our projects stand as a testament to this belief.

App craftsmanship in action

MIDF: Automating Financial Operational Processes

With a business expansion in motion, MIDF Group encountered operational hurdles to their mobile investment app, MIDF invest. Manual tasks and extensive data handling hindered efficiency, to which their internal couldn’t readily address. 

The issue prompted the company’s search of an app development company that could help them overcome these blockers under a tight deadline. 

What ensued was an 8-week solution discovery and designing journey with Snappymob. Our mobile app developers carried out detailed analysis and employed rapid prototyping, ensuring the solution aligned with expectations. 

Delivered within the stipulated timeframe, the project resulted in a new, robust, and proprietary computing system for MIDF invest.

This enhanced system boasts improved functionalities, fostering a more efficient trading experience for its users.

To explore this project in greater detail, visit our dedicated MIDF case study page

Even better, hear directly from MIDF about their experience with Snappymob:

Honeywell: Streamlining Crisis Management At The Tip of the Fingers

Recognizing the potential impact of system downtimes and inefficient crisis management, Honeywell sought Snappymob’s mobile app development expertise to improve their existing Building Management System (BMS) with a mobile app for integrated operations and live data.

Through a rigorous 2-4 week discovery process, Snappymob’s app development team identified complex integration issues that demanded innovative solutions. A key challenge involved establishing a reliable software architecture that seamlessly interfaced with Honeywell’s existing system, while adhering to strict integration protocols.

Though a delicate situation, the team meticulously remapped a significant amount of data for alert generation and reliability tracking. This required meticulous work around the clock to ensure minimal disruption.

The result? 

Snappymob successfully delivered the project on time. The resulting mobile app seamlessly integrates with Honeywell’s BMS, providing real-time alerts, equipment downtime tracking, and team performance monitoring. This empowers Honeywell to effectively manage crisis situations.

Interested in the details of the project, get the full story here.

Honeywell, in their own words, had to say this about Snappymob:

JBI: Smarter Research for Better Healthcare Education and Training

As a premier resource for evidence-based research, JBI was seeking for a long term partner to review, design, implement and maintain their new branding throughout its software suite — JBI PACES, SUMARI and CONNECT+. 

The partnership also meant addressing the issues that were present such as lack of intelligence in the existing system, insufficient data to support users’ end goals, and inefficient user experience.

Since 2019, Snappymob has been working collectively with JBI to refine and optimize their software solution. This included: 

  • Enhanced Functionality: Implementing features that streamlined document database management.
  • Intuitive Interface Design: Creating clear and easy-to-navigate user interfaces.
  • Legacy System Modernization: Redeveloping outdated applications for improved efficiency.
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance: Implementing ongoing maintenance and testing to ensure software quality.

Through this ongoing partnership, JBI has achieved significant improvements in their software suite, fostering a more user-centric research experience.

Project dissected, read our visually comprehensive JBI case study.

What does JBI think of Snappymob’s work? Find out for yourself.

Experience the Snappymob benefit

For 12 years, Snappymob has emulated fine craftsmanship in all facets of our software development projects. Empathy, skill, detail, and human touch guides our work processes to completion, and our many long-term projects can vouch for us.

Whether it be mobile apps or websites, Snappymob is an app development agency that is experienced in kick-starting all-new app strategies.

If you value strong skills, empathy, and an obsession to the details of what and how — drop us a message on your upcoming project!