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Top 3 Most Popular Payment Gateways in Malaysia

The demand for good payment integration is now higher than ever. Which are Malaysians’ most preferred payment gateways and how are they different?

Top 3 Most Popular Payment Gateways in Malaysia

It’s difficult to miss that more and more disruptors such as e-wallets and QR Pay services are emerging in the digital payment industry all around the globe, including Malaysia. 

All the signs are pointing towards our gradual transition to a cashless society where banknotes and coins become increasingly obsolete in the future, but right now, cashless is still largely optional in Malaysia.

At today’s e-outlets, consumers have a few payment methods to choose from — online banking, credit/debit cards, over the counter (OTC) and eWallet. Before we get into the most preferred payment gateways, let’s identify each of these payment methods:

Online banking/FPX

FPX is a convenient and secure online payment solution that allows instant debiting of a customer’s internet banking account. Transactions are processed immediately upon simple authentication and confirmed with payment notifications and receipts. It’s reliable, secure, convenient, and easy to use.

Credit Card

Credit and debit cards are still one of the most common payment methods worldwide. Some of the most popular cards used in Malaysia are Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay and AMEX.


eWallets work essentially through the use of a prepaid credit account. They are quite literally electronic wallets that users have to reload or top-up. Some popular eWallets in Malaysia are Boost, Touch n Go, GrabPay and Alipay.

Over-the-Counter (OTC)

Businesses that target customers in more rural areas would make this option available to allow online purchases to be completed with offline payment.

Now the real question is, who takes care of online payment methods? How can business owners access a one-stop solution that covers a variety of payment methods, offering their customers choices when making payments? 

The answer: Payment gateways 

Payment gateways are a trusted third-party channel that processes your customers’ cashless payments regardless of the method. It’s secure, quick and efficient. However, bear in mind that using these payment gateways require transaction fees from your customers. Each provider varies, so It’s best to do your research before you decide which suits your business needs.

To help you out a little, let’s meet the 3 most popular online payment gateways in Malaysia.


iPay88 is a leading regional Payment Gateway Provider in South East Asia that provides solutions for one-click payments. They accept and process all major credit cards, debit cards, and e-money, and merchants are able to transfer their funds to local bank accounts easily. 

iPay88 accepted payment methods logos(Image Source: iPay88)

As of now, iPay88 processes up to 26 currencies, and has over 30 payment methods available including all of the aforementioned — FPX, credit/debit card, eWallet and OTC payment.


eGHL is known for providing a frictionless and seamless payment ecosystem that meets the rapidly evolving needs of today’s businesses. It offers business owners real-time data and insights to help them make informed decisions. 

With over 100+ payment methods with one single connection point, they are easily one of the most popular payment gateways in Malaysia.

eGHL pricing structure onboarding fee, transaction fee, maintenance fee, processing fee, settlement(Image Source:


Stripe is a full-stack payments processor that’s easy-to-use API allows it to connect with just about any e-commerce platform and enable business owners to accept payments, send payouts, and manage their businesses online.

Stripe integrated and customised pricing packages(Image Source: Stripe)

It’s worth noting that Stripe focuses on building pricing options for all sizes of businesses. You can even build a custom plan that suits your business needs. As of now, they support up to 135+ currencies, which allows for a bigger international customer base.

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