February 27, 2024 Read < 1 Min

Building Better with Cloud Experts: Snappymob, an AWS Partner

It’s official, Snappymob is now an accredited AWS Well-Architected Partner! Discover how you can build better apps with AWS solutions and us.

Our dedication to web and mobile app excellence has achieved us a new milestone — we are an accredited AWS Well-Architected Partner! With our newfound status, we’re more equipped than ever to help unlock the full potential of our clients’ projects. 

So, what is “AWS Well-Architected”? 

Simply put, it’s a roadmap to building resilient cloud infrastructure. Developed by Amazon Web Services, AWS Well-Architected is a comprehensive framework that helps its partners craft secure, efficient, and economical cloud architectures tailored to business needs.

As an AWS Partner, Snappymob provides clients with access to:

  1. Expert guidance of AWS architecture best practices.
  2. Continuous optimization for your AWS infrastructure.
  3. Cost-efficient AWS environment without sacrificing performance.
  4. Robust security and risk mitigation to minimize the likelihood of breaches. 
  5. Competitive advantage from shorter response time when adopting new AWS services.

About Snappymob

A world-class digital technology agency with proven expertise across many industries, Snappymob has been at the forefront of software development for the past 11 years. Specializing in personalized digital products worldwide, we’ve delivered transformative web and mobile applications by blending empathy with craftsmanship.

Inspired by the global community and guided by our core values, our team stands ready to tackle the most daunting digital challenges.