August 28, 2020

What Do Our Designers Love About Being Designers?

This week, we asked our designers the same simple question we asked our developers a fortnight ago. 
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Our designers and developers are equally indispensable to us. In terms of how they feel about what they do, how different are they?

To find out, we gave our smaller team of designers the same question to chew on — What is your favourite thing about being a designer?

They answered.

For most of them, it’s the joy of solving problems, learning, and creating.

“The process of solving problems and creating good visuals.”
— Leni

“As a designer, I find solving problems quite rewarding. Figuring out the solution to a problem is the most exciting part of handling a project, though the process may be frustrating at times. Besides, there's so much to learn. There are always new tools and new design trends being introduced. They help me grow as a designer.” — Kelsey

“Being able to play around with my creativity.” — Adri

“Being able to create simple yet significant things.” — Mei Kwan

For some, it empowers.

“The ability to create something amazing just out of whatever I envision in my head. It's like a superpower, it's awesome ahahahah.”
— Jye Miin

For some, it's about self-discovery

"Creative fulfilment. Design has gifted me the journey of “creative self discovery”. I enjoy being bold and exploring new possibilities in working different projects. I push the limits as much as I can not only for the experience or interface, but also for myself. Expressing my thoughts and ideas through design gives me a real sense of satisfaction. As a creator, creativity is central to who we are and our well-being. That’s one of the best things — fully honouring my creative self." — Han

And for some (one), it’s about asserting dominance.

“To be really honest, I like to see the developers work hard to achieve what I want and conform to it. Not to say I enslave them. I do have mercy sometimes.”
— Aan

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