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What Do Our Developers Love About Being Developers?

For this fun piece, we gave Snappymob’s developers a little something to ponder upon — on doing what they do, and what they like about it.

What Do Our Developers Love About Being Developers?

Snappymob is home to talented and passionate individuals. 

This week, we asked our developers a simple question — What is your favorite thing about being a developer? Here’s how they responded.

Among them, some love the challenges it presents, and sharpening their knowledge.


“The best part about being a developer is the challenge in solving various uncharted problems and adapting to constantly changing technical environments and domains. It bolsters a person’s ability to learn and understand new things. We don’t work on the same thing day in and day out.” — Nirbhay

“Learning new libraries or frameworks, and mastering them.”  — Hariz

“Facing challenges during development, exploring new technologies, endless learning.” — Tarun

“It constantly broadens my knowledge, and not only in areas of software development. Being a developer, I get to discover new things, since to build an app I have to at least have a basic understanding of the business I’m building the solution for. Of course, it also works the other way around – I get to build apps for the things I’m interested in.” — Dmitrii

Some like the way it teaches them empathy and introspection.

“Being a developer is so challenging because we have to write good code that is reusable and maintainable. It stimulates my mind a lot, as I frequently need to ask myself ‘Is this code understandable to others?’. I find this aspect of programming quite interesting.” — Roy

Some appreciate its practicality, and the satisfaction they get from solving problems.


“Being able to solve real-life problems with the latest technologies.” — Brian

“New innovation and trends are at my fingertips. I can customise whatever however I want.” — Stacey

“Automating stuff that would otherwise be tedious for a human to do.” — Jacob

“The satisfaction of solving problems, regardless of size or complexity.” — Yik Xian

“The feeling of accomplishment when a challenging task is completed. Realising that the satisfaction is greater than the struggle.” — Sagar

Some simply enjoy the creative process and community (and being rewarded for it).

“Being able to develop, as in getting my hands digitally greasy with code, creating the very thing that aims to automate a certain part of our lives.” — Johnson

“The feeling when you finish something and realise that what you’ve created is good —  it pushes me to keep going. For me, development is an art, and I want to be among the best artists out there. I’ve always had keen interest in creating new things, and being a developer gives me the freedom for endless exploration. Everyday is a new day to learn and bring ideas to life. Also, the developer community is by far the most diverse I’ve seen, and support within the community is amazing.” — Aniket

“Being able to craft something that I’m passionate about.” — Adam

“Being creative. The possibility of turning ideas into reality.” — Mary

“Being able to build my ideas, and getting paid to do what I love.” — Fei

“Frameworks keep improving, and new tech keeps emerging. So it’s fun that there’s always something new (and not so new) to learn about. The dev community is very helpful and supportive too. If I’m stuck with a problem, there’s always someone to help me to solve it, be it a fellow developer from Stackoverflow, or our very own team members.” — Ilifilza

And others just love giving.

“The ability to reach people and enrich their daily lives by empowering them with tools on their devices.” — Morgan

“Having the rare opportunity to create something that can improve lives.” — Hui Cong

“Solving challenging technical problems to create applications that are going to be used by many people down the line.” — Varun

Enjoyed getting up close and personal? Stay tuned to see more from our team!

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