April 29, 2024 Read 6 Min

UI/UX Audit: GSC vs. TGV

Popcorn in hand, date secured the only question left is: GSC or TGV? Dive into our detailed UI/UX analysis as we determine which cinema chain reigns supreme in delivering the smoothest movie booking journey.

March 28, 2024 Read 10 Min

UI/UX Audit: Booking.com vs Agoda

Looking to plan your next vacation online but can’t decide between Booking.com and Agoda? We examined each platform’s UI/UX strengths and weaknesses to reveal the platform that offers the best booking experience.

March 7, 2023 Read 8 Min

UI/UX Audit: Spotify vs Apple Music

Snappymob’s UI/UX audit returns! We will be going through yet another round of reviewing and comparing two interchangeable music streaming apps to find out which is the superior digital musician.

We compare and audit the UI/UX between Spotify and Apple Music.